“You Could Get Rich Investing in Scientifically–Selected Penny Shares. My PowA! Penny Share Screening System is a Scientific Strategy for Uncovering the JSE's Most Explosive Shares consistently delivering double and triple-digit gains. And I’ve Made It Incredibly Easy. I Do All the Work, Telling You When To Buy and Sell. The Profits Can Be Awesome. You’ll HATE Yourself If You Miss This One!”

You didn't need the Midas' touch. All you
required were some mid- and small-cap stocks to make your portfolio shine.” Business Today

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“Dynamite in little packages… Pockets of value still exists on the JSE, especially among small caps.”Moneyweb


These five Penny Share recommendations alone could have made you a fortune in almost no time!

Transport Company Santova Logistics (SNV:JSE) rose 221% in 15 months!
Telecommunications equipment Company Poynting increased 215% in just six months!
Computer Services Company Adapt IT (ADI:JSE) rose 207% in just 9 months
Heavy Construction company, Calgro M3 (CGR:JSE) soared 104.96% in just 18 months!
Financial Services Company, Conduit Capital (CND:JSE) rose 164% in less than two years!
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I’m going to show you how you could turn a R5,000 investment into potentially enough to retire on by following my extraordinary, proven PowA! Penny Share Screening System.

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My single favourite penny share. It could easily triple – or go much, much higher
How to prove my system works on paper first. Don’t risk a single cent!
A hypothetical case that literally turns R5,000 into R53,529.50
How penny share fortunes can be made
Why you DON’T need any experience to invest in these shares
And MUCH, MUCH more!

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Discover INCREDIBLE GAINS like these in Penny Shares…

Ansys (ANS:JSE) rose 114.29% in 13 months
Conduit Capital (CND:JSE) rose 164.29% in 23 months
Santova (SNV:JSE) rose 221.77% in 14 months
“I’m Talking About the Possibility of Turning R5,000 Into R15,000, To R26,500 – or MUCH More With My PowA! Penny Share Screening System. This System Has Selected Winning Shares 63.29% of the Time. My Fundamentally and Scientifically Selected Penny Shares Made Fantastic Returns Last Year. I Do All the Work, Telling You What to Buy. Discover the Easiest Way to Earn the Most Money in the Market. Here’s My Incredible Offer…”

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While almost everyone else is hiding and praying their losses will be made up, you’ll be making money by quietly tapping into the single greatest secret on the stock market – fundamentally and scientifically selected penny shares. The potential profits are nothing short of phenomenal when you’re guided by my proprietary PowA! Penny Share Screening System.

Here’s How the Ordinary Investor
Cashes in on HUGE PROFITS

Please read the following pages very, very carefully. I’m going to show you how I’ve selected winning shares, what experts are saying about penny shares, the time to buy them, how much you might consider investing, how to see my system works ‘on paper’ before you invest a cent and much, much more only I can tell you.

How to Make Money in Penny Shares
How to Start With a Small Investment
How to Test His System ‘on Paper’ Before You Invest
a Cent!

“The growing market sentiment in favour of small caps is because the market is looking for a sector that offers definite pockets of opportunity and is cheap on both an absolute and relative basis.”

– The Sunday Times Business

Look at the Mind-Blowing Profits
the Top Penny Shares Hand Investors.
My System Can Help You
Grow Richer Without Worry!

You Don’t Have to Be Some Stock Market Genius to Clean up. I Don’t Care If You’ve NEVER Bought a Share Before. That’s the Beauty of My PowA! Penny Share Screening System. It Tells You When to Buy and Sell. This Makes It EASY.

From 17 Cents to R1.82 a Share.

The AMAZING Story of the Millionaire-Maker Share That Turned R5,000 Into R53,529.50

Few people had ever heard of a company called AfDawn. It literally went from 17 cents a share to R1.82. This turns every R5,000 into R53,529.50, R10,000 into R107,059.00 and R50,000 into R535,295.00. These astonishing profits were available to anyone lucky enough to have picked up the share at 17 cents a share.

Very few people knew about it because stockbrokers would rather keep shares like these a secret so the ‘in the know’ can grab all the profits.

A Story Share That You Get in and out of Quickly

Afdawn is what we call a ‘story share.’ That means it’s NOT a long-term investment. What you want to do is get in as early as possible and watch the company like a hawk. That’s because investors become too enthusiastic about the company’s story and begin bidding the price up, up, up – far beyond what it’s really worth when you look at its income statement and balance sheet.

These unique situations have the potential to produce enormous gains. The real secret is to get out before the public perception that the share is a winner changes. When we recommend a share, we follow it in great detail. And unlike others, we won’t hesitate a single second if we think it’s time to sell.

Dear Friend:

If you can capture the moneymaking power of fundamentally and scientifically selected penny shares, you can make a lot of money and change the way you live. You can start earning money the way the wealthy do. They don’t work for their riches, they pick up the phone and buy shares that they know are explosively profitable. Just imagine…


Improve your home by putting in a new kitchen. If you invested R10,000 in Santova Logistics (SNV) You Could Have Had A Cool R32,100. Sit back and relax. And forget about monthly repayments! You paid cash because you could afford it.
Put a Pool in the Backyard and Dive in! If You Invested R11,000 in Adapt IT (ADI) you’d have a remarkable R33,770. It will remind you of being on vacation – except you’re home in a stunning pool of your own. Stay cool, have fun and invite your friends for a braai. You can afford it.
Why not take that Vacation or Cruise You’ve Always Dreamed of. If You Invested R8,500 in Calgro M3 (CGR) You’d Be Sitting on R17,42160. You only live once, and the right vacation can be a mini-paradise. Have the time of your life! Do it twice a year if you like.
Stop worrying about your child’s education. If you invested R13,500 in Conduit Capital (CND) you’d have an amazing R35,769.60. It’s a major expense – and well worth the investment. But now you won’t worry about affording it.
Buy that timeshare you’ve always wanted. If you invested R15,000 in Adapt IT (ADI) you’d have an amazing R31,374. You could let the stock market do the work for once. Make money the way the fat cats do. They sit back and bank their gains. 
Go out to four-star restaurants as often as you like and order what you really want. If you invested R5,000 in Poynting (POY), you’d have a handsome R15,753.50. That should take care of the bill for the next few visits, to say the least! Don’t sit home – get out and have some fun.
One Rand Could Turn Into R5,000 When Invested in Small Cap Shares! Scores of Readers Reveal That Small Cap Shares Can Be the Most Profitable

Tired of Tiny Gains? Sick of Losses? Had Enough With the Stock Market? Fed up With So-So Performance? Every Rand Invested in Smaller Companies Could Turn Into R5,000 – Beating the Higher-Priced Shares.

Some call them the greatest secret on the JSE. Fundamentally and scientifically chosen small shares can return enormous profits. And best of all, you don’t have to invest a lot to get  started. Let’s say that you’re buying a R1 share. For R5,000 you obviously purchase 5,000 shares. So every point it goes up, you’re making R5,000. The same R5,000 buys 20 shares of Sasol. For every point that goes up you’re ahead just R250.

Listen to what my readers have to say...

"My portfolio, based almost entirely on Red Hot Penny Shares recommendations, is still in the money and keeping ahead of SA inflation! Well done, and please keep up the stimulating editorials and excellent publication quality."
- Peter Chadwick, Zimbabwe
“Red Hot Penny Shares is fantastic and has been of enormous value to me as a small investor. It is full of relevant info and gives very good recommendations of investment opportunities.”
- BH.
“Without it I would not have the courage to invest. RHP gives me the confidence to know the companies I invest in have been well researched – something I would not know how to do on my own.”
- Lynne Cornfield, Johannesburg
Red Hot Penny Shares is fantastic and has been of enormous value to me as a small investor. It is full of relevant info and gives very good recommendations for investment opportunities”
– Bernie Hohls
“I'm delighted with the advice and information I receive from Red Hot Penny Shares which grew my portfolio by 30 % in 3 months.The information they provide on shares are accurate and well researched”
– Adam
“I am 33 years old and inherited R100,000. My aim is to invest it in such a way that I can retire before age 55. With the help of RHPS I am ahead of schedule after only 1 year and I may be able to retire rich and young!”
- Ben Joubert, Faunasig
“I’m a member of Red Hot Penny Shares for some time. I started with a small investment of R20,000 and now I have grown it within 12 months to R46,000 by just following your tips and investing in Red Hot Penny Shares. Thank you.” 
- Stefan Maree
The Nationally-Known
Newspaper, Reveals:

This Is EXACTLY Why You Need My Expertise!
I NEVER Take My Eyes off the Penny Share Market. I’ll Help You Find the Winners That
Few Know About. Please Don’t Miss out on the ENORMOUS Profit Potential Just Because No One Tells You About These Shares!


How I Find Penny Shares That Can Be Incredibly Huge Winners: 5 Steps That Could Turn R10,000 Into R2.36 Million
It’s based on simple but profound profit principles that I’ve seen successfully demonstrated over and over again. It’s EASY: Just look at the shares I tell you about and you’ll see. I call it my lifetime achievement, I’m so proud…

Let’s take a closer look.

OK. Here’s an example of how much money my system is capable of making. This is going to be an extreme example. And although the numbers are actual numbers of real companies, it probably couldn’t happen in real life. But it will show you the power of my system so you can appreciate its power and evaluate its usefulness to you. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: R10,000 is invested in (Pinnacle Technology) on 2010/01/04 at 305cps. By 2010/07/28 it soars to 489cps - A 60% gain turns R10,000 into R16,032.78.

Step 2: I then tell you to buy Adapt IT on 2010/08/26 at 46cps. By 2013/02/19 the share shoots to 258cps. A 460% gain turns R16,032.78 into R89,922.98.

Step 3: The R89,922.98 is then invested into Finbond on 2013/02/26 at 66cps. By 2013/11/12 its up 350cps You sell it for a 430% gain and turn R89,922.98 into R476,864.28.

Step 4: Your R476,864.28 is then invested into Santova (SNV) on 2013/11/14 at 114cps. By 2014/06/10 it goes up to 240cps. You sell it for a 110% gain and turn R476,864.28 into R1,003,924.

Step 5: Then I tell you about Conduit Capital on 2014/06/20. You take your R1,003,924 and buy it at 151cps. By 2015/11/20 it hits 355cps a 135% gain turns your R1,003,924 into R2,360,220..

Imagine Turning R10,000 Into R2.36 million in five steps

Well, that’s not going to happen unless we are both extremely lucky – but you can see the POWER of how money multiplies when you invest in one really good share, take the profits from that investment and put it into another one, then another one, then another one.

Economists call this the power of compounding…

Here’s a thought: the most any share can go down is 100%, yet it can go up 200%, 500%, even 10 times or more. PowA! Penny Share Screening System looks for shares with this kind of BIG potential. I have identified certain things about the best shares – things like earnings history, price/earnings ratios, price/sales ratios (all amounting to ‘good company/great potential’) – that give you the best possible chance to hit these BIG, BIG numbers.

Step No.  If You Had Invested In: Your Cost Your Gains
1 Transhex R5,000 R9,563.00
2 Risk Avoidance Strategy R4,563.00
3 Value Group R4,563.00 R17,111.25
4 Grindrod R17,111.25 R54,185.63
5 Capitec R54,185.63 R74,567.37
6 Pinnacle R74,567.37 R141,678.01
7 Mercantile R141,678.01 R536,352.47

Your Total Cost: R5,000. Total Gains: R536,352.47
(Including Risk Avoidance Cash Withdrawal).
Yes, That’s Over Half a Million.

  1. Note that during each phase in the profit chain, you can remove some of your winnings and keep playing with ‘house’ money.
  2. The profit chains represented in this wealth report are for demonstration purposes only. They are based on actual gains from actual companies.

Let’s take a look at this hypothetical ‘fantasy’ profit chain.

One Successful Profit Chain Can Make You a Millionaire

The Red Hot Penny Shares PowA! Penny Share Screening System combines the power of the world’s oldest, best-kept money making secret and the most profitable section of the stock market to build your fortune. It has the power to find shares like those demonstrated…

Finally, a Chance for the Ordinary Investor To GET RICH

That’s the idea behind the profit chain, and it’s just one of many secrets we use to make the PowA! Penny Share Screening System the best money maker system ever created for the ordinary person. As you will now see, the PowA! Penny Share Screening System combines this miraculous power of multiple compounding with a scientific selection process that IMPROVES AND ENHANCES your chances for the really big money.

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Hedging Your Bets: Take Cash Out as Often as You Want!

Remember, at any time you can remove more of your cash that you’ve earned if you want to ‘play it safe.’ Best of all, the gains are based on ACTUAL performances of ACTUAL companies. The profit you see in this report is for demonstration purposes only so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

They are based on a hypothetical trading pattern with precise timing for the same kinds of shares the Red Hot Penny Shares System targets. Who else can say the same? No one I know. It’s no secret, you could make even more!
You Can PROVE What I’m Saying ‘On Paper’ First
Without Risking a Cent. I’m THAT Confident
You’re Going to Make Money!

I Say Take My Red Hot Penny Shares PowA! Penny Shares Screening System for a Test-Drive Around the Block. I’m NOT Asking You to Take What I Tell You on Faith and Jump in Headfirst. Try It on Paper and See How Much You Make – Then Invest.
Who Else Dares to Make Such an Offer?

If those fat cats and brokers on the stock market offered you this, they’d be out of business in two minutes. That’s because you’d find out that their advice was either misleading or worthless. My philosophy is simple. When you buy anything that’s important to your future, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

See the Profits BEFORE You Invest

That’s why I ask you to do this when you become a subscriber of Red Hot Penny Shares. It’s simple. Make a list of the shares I’m recommending and write down the price I recommend them at. Then watch the shares for a time period you consider reasonable.

I’d suggest a few weeks at least – and perhaps a month or so. Give it enough time to make a fair judgment. Then compare the price to what I recommended it at. If you’re not totally satisfied, let me know. I’ll send you back every single cent of your subscription. I don’t know how to make it any fairer.

I Know What You’re Thinking! How Do You Find Shares That Go up Like This? Answer: You Don’t – That’s My Job With My PowA! Penny Share Screening System!

When you join, you become a member of an inner circle and you’ll discover exactly what I’m recommending and why. There’s NO work in this system for you.

I Studied Past Winners Like Howden Where R5,000 Grew to R12,500.00 – I Discovered Hidden Signs of Their Success!

It’s no miracle that certain companies make investors fortunes. I am convinced that you can see tiny, early tell-tale signs of their future success. I’ve done two things to sift through the  mountains of losers in order to find the few winners. The first is taking advantage of modern technology.

I use a super-powerful computer that literally processes millions of facts in a single second.

It also has an information saving capacity that would allow me to store 1,344 telephone books.

This fabulous technology gives you a big edge because I can do such detailed research on so many shares fantastically quickly. I call this my Rating System. Here’s what I look for.
Breakthrough Products and Growing Profits

Penny Shares Have the Potential to Pile up Profits MUCH Faster Than the Dusty Blue Chips. They’re Relatively Small Companies, poised to Hit the Jackpot With Breakthrough Products That Often Multiply Profits by millions – 3 Examples…

Santova (SNV), profits soared from R24 million in 2014 to R38 million by May 2015
Adapt IT (ADI), profits soared by 64.5% in the year ending December 2013
Conduit (CND), profits soared to R116.4 million in 2014 from R39.6 million in 2013.

“In the small-cap world,where tomorrow’s Googles, Pfizers, Exxons, Dells and Microsofts are enjoying their most rapid stage of growth unnoticed by the  mainstream, ‘buy-and-hold’ doesn’t mean years – it usually means just six-24 months!” James Boric, Penny Stock Fortunes, USA

FIRST Secret:

Only Moneymaking Companies Pass My Tests!

I don’t want companies with mere promise. I want something I can see right now. I want something that’s real today. And when I search the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, I go through a total of 400 shares. Now you know why my super-powerful computer comes in handy!

SECOND Secret:

Profit Potential: You Only Receive Picks That Can at Least Double

The cheaper you buy the share, the more money you can make from it. Never forget that – it’s the heart of buying penny shares, getting them before they become big-shot companies on the cover of Finweek. So, what I do in step two is rule out any company that sells for more than R10 a share.

Hey, you want the R2 share that goes to R34 – not the R10 one that rises to R18.
THIRD Secret:

Profit Acceleration Rate: Red Hot Picks Grow Your Money Faster Than Anything Else

This one is simple. This says that sales from the last three months must be 25% greater than sales from the previous quarter. When a company does this, it means that its products and services are selling well – and that’s vitally important to making you big money.

FOURTH Secret:

An ‘Edge’ That Gives Them a Hidden Advantage!

When you find a company at this stage, you are witnessing an amazing event. You can buy it at a cheap price because no one else has discovered the company yet. It makes perfect sense.

Remember, Bill Gates started Microsoft from a hotel room with another high school dropout. PowA! Penny Share Screening System finds companies BEFORE they enter their growth phase.
FIFTH Secret:

Red Hot Penny Shares Always Picks Great Managers Who Can Help the Share Skyrocket!

Management makes it happen. Never forget that. It’s NOT a big bank account or fancy offices, it’s management. The smarter they are, the safer your money is. I like to talk to the people in charge and get a feel for them. What do I look for? A tycoon on the rise. A killer businessman who will soon be on the JSE Alsi 40. That’s the kind of share and company I like to buy!

SIXTH Secret:

Red Hot Penny Shares Companies Make Products That Change the World, Netting Huge Profits!

They have to be able to constantly increase profits. Take a company that makes gold watches. They may do a fine job, but unless they can sell more of them every year, they’re going to hit a certain point where profits and sales stall. Only so many can afford a gold watch. I want to see a steady march upwards in income.


Size: Red Hot Penny Shares Companies Can Double or Triple in Size!

I insist on getting into these companies when they are small.

Many of the former penny share companies like Sasol now do R29.9 billion a year in sales. It takes a monumental effort to double that size… but it sure as heck doesn’t when one of my gems goes from R11.6 million sales to R20.4 million sales in two years!
EIGHTH Secret:

Time-Sensitive Profits: The Sooner You Get in, the More You Make!

The last step helps you confirm that a company is in the process of really ‘taking off ’.

There’s one simple thing that tells you the most about any enterprise.

It’s the price of the share. If the price is going up, your money is multiplying. If it’s going down, you want to stay away from the share. It’s common sense, but many people forget this!
One of the Most Brilliant Investors in the World Started off Buying Penny Shares!

Starting with nothing, John Templeton built a net worth of $1.5 billion. Today, he lives in a mansion in Lyford Cay, a super-rich estate community in the Bahamas. He has been successfully investing for over 60 years – so what he says counts!

He Had No Money – But He Knew Where to Make It

In 1939, a young, 27-year-old John Templeton was looking to make his fortune. Since he didn’t have a dime to his name, he borrowed $10,000 from his boss to invest. He told his broker that he wanted to invest in every share on the major exchanges that was selling for less than $1. How did he do? When he cashed out a few years later, he had made four times his money. Imagine, one of the most successful investors ever, invested in penny shares.

You’ll DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN 3 MONTHS or You Don’t Pay a Single Cent! Am I Crazy?
Here’s My Offer…

I Make You This Stunning Offer to PROVE to You the Deep Confidence I Have in My Red Hot Penny Shares PowA! Penny Share Screening System to Make You Money. You Have to Be Thrilled. My Reputation (and Money) Are on the Line!

Please don’t miss out on this offer because you mistakenly lump me in with the others. You open your mailbox every day and offers to sell you something literally fall out. You received this Special Report from me. So what makes this different from all the others?

I’m Going to Give You Your Money Back If You’re Not Thrilled

I’m letting you try out my guidance in the penny share market with no risk. It’s no risk because if you’re not delighted with your results, you get every subscription cent back for a three-month period! And you can keep your FREE REPORTS and BONUSES. You’ll kick yourself if you miss this opportunity!

Join us by placing your order for Red Hot Penny Shares right now!

My PowA! Penny Share Screening System Can Make It EASY to Rake in Dream Gains by Following This One Simple Step…

Listen to My Guidance! Buy and Sell When I Tell You to. It’s That Simple.

You Don’t Have to Figure It out. I Do All the Work! Like Early Radar, Red Hot Penny Shares Spots the Shares That Are Truly Undervalued.

You’ll Be First in Line to Cash in!

Sometimes I think you need a Ph.D. in maths to figure out what these financial publishers and analysts are talking about when it comes to investing. All this double talk is deliberate. If the share goes up, they’re the first to say, “I told you so!” And if it bombs, they’re sure to say that it wasn’t their ‘first choice’.

Let’s stop the nonsense.

If You Can Pick up Your Phone and Say “BUY,” You Can Make a Fortune With the PowA! Penny Share Screening System

The Red Hot Penny Share System couldn’t be easier or clearer. I promise you that a 15-year-old could follow what I say – because I’m not trying to hide anything with double talk. When we are totally convinced that a share is worth recommending, I say so without hesitation and I tell you to buy. It’s that simple. That’s because I’ve performed highly sophisticated computer analysis on it – ranking it using my scientifically-selected criteria that uncover true value.

We Analyse Shares All the Time. We Know What to Look For!

The vast majority of people who subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares – or any other financial newsletter – don’t do this kind of share analysis for a living. I’m guessing that this holds true for you, too. How can you be expected to analyse a share using a sophisticated mathematical formula?

That is what I do for you – and I do it unbelievably well.

I’m not saying the Red Hot Penny Shares System is right 100% of the time. Nothing is guaranteed, and not every recommendation will come out a winner.

Eliminate Emotional Mistakes That
Cost a Fortune!

What’s the single worst mistake you can make in the stock market?

Following your emotions, hunches and guesses. This may work for a while, but it’s never sustainable – and at the first sign of a downturn, you can lose your shirt.

The most successful investors in South Africa follow a system they stick with. Why? It guides them through the rough spots like a radar guides a 747 jet through a bad storm. And it helps them identify the hottest and most profitable shares to own right now. This is precisely what the Red Hot Penny Shares System can do for you.

Stop Thinking You Can’t Get Rich in the Penny Share Market. ‘Fat Cats’ Are Making SO Much, It’s DISGUSTING!

Most average people dream about achieving financial independence in the penny share market but have no idea how to do it. And I don’t blame them. Unless you’re willing to  devote years of study to it, it’s very difficult.

But they then go on to make the mistake of believing it’s “impossible.”

Many give up on their dreams. Don’t make that mistake. This is where I come in. I do all the work for you. You can profit from MY experience of finding winners.
Look at the Money They’ve Made – It’s Incredible…
Metorex rose 110.45% in 8 months!
ISA rose 100% in less than 10 months!
Value Group made readers a cool 78.38% while the market was tanking!

“Over time, small caps beat large caps 100% of the time. Your dollars will grow faster with small caps. And that’s no ivory-tower investing theory, but proven historical fact!” …says James Boric of Penny Stock Fortunes, our counterpart in the USA.

“Francois tell me your single Favourite Share. If you had to buy just one that could make the most money – Which would it be?”

This share is one I have already bought. Their business has already shown amazing profit, some 355%. I can’t stop talking about it and I think it’s got lots’ more potential.

Back in April 2009, Red Hot Penny Shares readers would have been lucky enough to get into this fairytale share at just 67c and now we’re aiming for a magical 600% growth. Right now it’s sitting on a fantastic 355.22%. This is just the perfect example of the type of share I look for in Red Hot Penny Shares.

But I am sure you are dying to know which company it is!

Over the past few years, we’ve had a number of buying opportunities on Pan Af… On 7 June 2011, I told readers: “If you don’t already own shares in this mining powerhouse make sure you get some today!” Pan Af was selling at 117c back then… One month later, the share was up 24%! By end of September 2011 Pan Af hit 146c and I told investors to accumulate more as the company headed for 300c. By November 2012 it was up 71% and I was even more positive that there was more growth to come. 

From a share price of only 67c to the R3.50 range currently – that’s a staggering move of over 355%...

Pan African Resources is by far my favourite gold miner on the JSE today, even compared to the larger companies.
It mines gold from the high grade Barberton Gold mine as well as the Evander Gold mine. It’s also not a one trick pony. The company emulates DRDGold in reworking old mine dumps.
And right now I expect Pan African Resources to show a large increase in the grade of gold it mines for 2016, with a subsequent increase in total gold production.

My time-tested PowA! Penny Share Screening System predicted this share to sky rocket!

My powerful PowA! Penny Share Screening System flags this share time and time again and it is proving very profitable. In late 2015, when Zuma and his antics drove the rand to brand new lows, Pan Af was one of the few companies profiting from the weakened rand.

Why? Well, Pan Af received $1,280/ounce of gold with the rand at R14.20.

But with the rand at R15.49 to the dollar and $1,280/ounce of gold, the rand price of an ounce of gold has increased from R18,176 to R19,827. This puts gold in rand terms at an all-time high!

The share is already up nearly 20% in the past three months. And I expect a lot more upside before I’d sell it.
For more shares like these...

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You Could Have Doubled Your Money in Just Months With These "Wonder" Shares!

Here’s one of the greatest secrets of penny shares: the fantastic instant cash that can be made from them. They can go up so fast they leave the ‘blue chips’ in the dust. Can shares really rise fast? Look at these actual examples.

Insimbi went for R0.84 a share in January 2016. Four months later in May 2016 it was up R1.30 a share. That’s a gain of 54.76%!
Santova Logistics popped up as a buy when it was trading at R3.00 per share in September 2015. A mere eight months later in May 2016 it had risen by 38.67%!
Zeder Investments went from R4.00 in March 2014 to R7.00 in May 2016. Again, Red Hot Penny Shares investors saw a 79.75% gain!
Afrocentric Investment Corp went from R2.80 in May 2012 to R5.40 in May 2016. Red Hot Penny Shares saw a 115.54% gain.
Blue Label Technology was trading at R8.67 at the beginning of September 2014. By May 2016 it was up to R15.36. That’s a gain of 80.74% in less than two years!
Adapt IT Holdings added an impressive 107.52% in just thirteen months!  I recommended buying at R6.65 in November 2014, and advised selling at R13.80 in December 2015, raking in a very comfortable profit!
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Any fool can make some money buying shares, but by following a few simple rules and taking advice from the right quarters, you can make SERIOUS amounts of money.

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Our philosophy at Red Hot Penny Shares is that you can substantially increase the gains you make by taking the front seat, and no longer remaining a spectator, as there are so many advantages that you, the private  investor, hold over institutional fund managers, the so called ‘professionals’.

We believe this is where the best advantage lies for you as a guerrilla investor in the high-flying world of corporate intrigue and finance.

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They could blow the doors off the barn… fill up bank accounts with more cash than would fit in 10 large suitcases, with enough left over to pay off your mortgage and credit card bills. These five shares are so important, I’ve written a report on them entitled The 5 Hottest Shares to Start Your Million Rand Portfolio.

And I’ll send it to you so you can climb aboard with the rest of us.

Please request yours now. Here’s a briefing on two of them!
In 1997 Koos Bekker became the CEO of Naspers, an internet and media company.
At that stage the company’s shares were worth R43.40 each.
While Bekker’s take over as CEO was expected, he made an announcement that took everyone by surprise.
Bekker said that he didn’t want to receive a cash salary as CEO of Naspers…
He agreed to a deal where he receives no salary, bonus or pension. He could be fired with 24 hours’ notice and no compensation.
But what he got in return made all the difference.
You see, all Bekker wanted for his services was shares in Naspers.
At first it seemed like he made a bad choice… By 2002 the Naspers share price crashed to R14, a 67% drop in price over five years…
But Bekker held on and worked even harder. He wasn’t prepared to walk away empty handed. 

With a ‘gun’ to his head Koos Bekker became one of South Africa’s richest men

In April 2014, Koos Bekker retired as CEO of Naspers as the company’s share price hit R1,196. That means in his 17 years as CEO Bekker got a 2,655% return on his shares.
He’s now worth R29 billion at the current share price...
Not bad for 17 years of work!
The take away from this story is simple. If the CEO is fully dependent on the company’s success (instead of dependent on a fat salary each month) he’ll do everything in his power to make the company grow.

I’ll put my money where my mouth is…

Like I said, there aren’t many (if any) CEOs of JSE listed companies that take this kind of risk.

And one of the things I look for and really like to see in a company is the part ownership of the company by the directors. In this particular company, no less than 21.9% of the shares in issue are owned by management. And 90.4% of these shares are owned by the company's CEO.

And the reason I like this is because it shows that management have personal vested interests in the company and stand to win or lose plenty depending on how they perform.

The company is also on a lower PE than any of its competitors and growth prospects for 2016 leading into 2017, look good. Best of all, the company shares these profits in generous dividends with shareholders.

I’ll send you full details of this company – as well as three others just like it – as soon as you confirm acceptance of my RISK-FREE invitation. The sooner you let me know, the sooner I can get this information to you.
This could be the greatest platinum heist in history – buy this company today and get your hands on one of the largest ‘free’ platinum reserves in the world
Right now there’s a 3.3-million-ton heap of platinum lying next to the processing facilities of the World’s fourth largest chrome producer.
Thanks to South Africa’s mining law this chrome producer can’t touch the platinum.
In fact, it’s adding 17,000 tonnes of additional platinum carrying material to this heap each month.
That means there are years’ worth of platinum just lying there, in wait for someone to use it…
But, there’s a tiny South African company that’s about to get its hands on ALL of this platinum for itself! 
This is an exciting company offering:
  • Growing profits
  • None of the risk of other mining companies
  • Exceptional potential
When I discover a perfect opportunity like this, I don’t hesitate for a second to add it to my 5 Hottest Shares portfolio.

There Are 3 More Star Shares

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“Some Say This Could Be the Most Effective Strategy EVER for Making Hundreds of Thousands of Rands for the Average Investor…”

We All Know the Rich Have Their Private Clubs, Secret Deals and Buddy-Buddy Friendships. But What About the Rest of Us? That’s Where the PowA! Penny Share Screening System comes in. Start With a Small Sum – And You Could Get Rich!

I find the best risk-to-reward penny shares on the market using an investment strategy that I’ve spent five years perfecting. This incredible system I’ve developed has already proven its worth. Since I took over Red Hot Penny Shares in 2011, 61% of all the shares I’ve tipped are well in the money!

Let me explain my PowA! strategy to you…

My PowA! Penny Share Strategy

Profits! – When I evaluate companies, it’s more than just understanding what they do and how they do it. I want to be sure they’re making money. Not just showing paper profits. Profits are possibly the most important part of my strategy, but they can also be misleading if you don’t combine them with the rest of my criteria.

Open Communication! – It’s all about finding the Truth. I’ve seen so many great penny shares stumble because the truth is hidden. That’s why I look deep into all aspects of the company to expose any lies there might be.

Wow Factor! – I only tip shares that stun me. There’s always a reason a share’s price shoots through the roof. I need to know why it’ll make more money tomorrow than it’s making today. We all know how earnings growth affects share price movement.

Assets! – A company that doesn’t have the money to back its ambitions doesn’t mean much to me. That’s why I look for companies with strength in the balance sheets. I also like companies that use small amounts of assets to produce huge profits!

So, whenever I review a company I check that it meets all of these criteria. If it does it earns a spot in our PowA! Portfolio.If it doesn’t, I keep it on my watch list – monitoring it continuously should the company’s situation change!

Applying my PowA! strategy will help you find stocks that have low risk and lots of upside. This strategy has worked for me for more than five years and could lead you to a bountiful fortune..

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A rising market can be a trap. Why? It makes investing look easy. Almost everyone makes money and is happy. But when shares head down, as they have in past years, watch out! The financial wreckage can be disturbing. I say, play it safe. Leave the computer modelling, financial ratios, cash flow statements and return on equity analysis to Francois Joubert.
Start With a Small Amount of Money and Don’t Take Crazy Risks Like Some Other People Do.

One big benefit of this kind of investing is that you can start small. You DON’T need a lot of money.

The idea is to make some money, then remove your initial small investment – and let the profits ride.

This way you’ve taken out what you put in – and you’re using profits going forward. We NEVER take senseless risks like others do!
Start Building Financial Security for the Future – And Stop Worrying Like Everyone Else! Don’t Miss Your Chance for What You’ve Always Wanted!

How many dreams have you put on ‘hold’ because you couldn’t afford something? Imagine being in the position of being able to live debt-free and buy what you want. Most people fall into the ‘I’ll never be able to afford that trap and give up. A few carefully chosen penny shares can change all that. .

Imagine putting R5,000 into a Red Hot Penny Shares selection and walking away with tens of thousands of rands – maybe more. It’s possible!
DUMP these 3 very high-risk stocks NOW

If history teaches us anything, it’s that investing in weak companies – firms with high debt, low or no earnings, excessive valuations, and other fundamental weaknesses – is a fool’s game: A game investors rarely win.

Do stock brokers know this? Of course they do! And yet many are still awarding positive ‘BUY’ and ‘HOLD’ ratings to companies they know stink to the high heavens.

Why? Because it makes their wallets fat – by helping them secure lucrative investment banking business from those companies.


In an eye-opening article, I give you the names, ticker symbols and details for the 3 shares you must NOT have in your portfolio today. These companies are like booby traps in your portfolio – companies that could cost you a bundle even with the slightest hiccup in the markets.

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Using the PowA!  Penny Share Screening System, You Could Start Making Money in Penny Shares While Everyone Else Is Worrying About the Market. This System Is On Fire. If You’re Wondering How High Penny Shares Can Go, Consider the Following Real Results…
CND rose 164%
POY rose 215%
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ANS rose 114%
TOR rose 87%%
SNV rose 86%
PBT rose 71.57%
ELI rose 94.71%%
AFT rose 84.60%
CGR rose 104%
ARH rose 85.45%
“How Do the Rich Get Rich in Penny Shares?”
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In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn the key investment strategies behind making a penny share fortune. I call it ‘How to Make Big Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares’. Following these steps, you can build your personal wealth in a short amount of time. Ever wonder how some people manage to make money no matter what the stock market is doing? Well, here’s their secret spelled out in easy-to-understand rules. You’re going to discover…

The small difference between a winner and a loser in the stock market. Most people sadly lose money because they fall into this easily avoidable trap!
The 5 steps you need to take to assess the true value of a company. Follow these steps!
Your advantage over the ‘Professional’
Learn the vital secret of knowing when to sell.
How to slash your risk dramatically so you stop worrying.
Three steps that can almost guarantee you profits. Follow these rules!
How to see if you’ll make money without risking a single cent.

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The 5 Hottest Shares to Start Your Million Rand Portfolio.
Wonder shares can double in a matter of months or less. How? There’s something explosive about their businesses that can lead to some sudden extraordinary breakthrough that can spell immense profits practically overnight. The share shoots up, often multiplying the wealth of its owner many, many times. What kind of companies are these?

Their Products Could Go Through the Roof – and Their Shares!

This report holds the full details of 5 extra-special share opportunities I’ve unearthed. I’m talking about  companies that come along once every blue moon that get tipsters like me hot under the collar. You will be too, once you set your eyes on the gems lined up for you. This portfolio is valued at R774 – peanuts when you consider that I’m expecting it to bring you profits of at least 100%.
The Investor's Toolkit

Buying and selling shares is a hugely exciting activity, but one that seems to be highly misunderstood by the public in general. While it is much easier than you’d ever imagined, trading in shares seems to have the image of high-flying traders best portrayed in Hollywood-style movies.

Consequently, a lot of people shy away from taking the plunge into starting a share portfolio, because they find it a little frightening and even intimidating. They also fear that it’s complicated, or they worry that there’s something that they’re not aware of. However, the reality is that it’s actually very simple and there’s very little to it, as you’ll see with this essential and extremely handy guide.

This booklet is designed as a step-by-step guide for new stock market investors. It will arm you with all the information you need to make your first investments quickly and easily.

How To Make Big Money In The Exciting World Of Penny Shares.

Any fool can make some money buying shares, but by following a few simple rules and taking advice from the right quarters, you can make SERIOUS amounts of money.
The aim of this booklet is to guide you towards those serious rewards. Remember that there is a significant difference between a gambling-type share purchase and creating wealth over time through proper share selection.

Follow the Blueprint the Rich Use. Don’t Take Chances!

This manual – available only to our readers – will quickly give you a grasp on the essential tools for evaluating any share – including PE ratios, yield, net asset value, free cash flow, and more.

Plus, it reveals many of the secrets behind our highly profitable share trading system.

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Red Hot Penny Shares readers have already seen 221% on Santova Logistics, 207% on Adapt IT, 104.96% on Calgro and 164% on Conduit Capital .
3 Stock Market Disaster Shares You MUST Dump NOW!

These are the 3 shares that no prudent investor should touch with a ten-foot pole: Are any of these losers in YOUR portfolio? Dump them today.

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